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Need exceptional professionals to bring your projects to life? Finding the perfect team just got easier. Findigo’s Team Extension service offers the ideal match for your business, giving you the advantage of immediate scalability. Ensuring you always have the right experts when you need them.

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What is it?

Team Extension is a hiring method where we help you find your perfect candidates.

Ideally, it not only boosts efficiency but also helps you focus on the big picture, while we take care of HR, legal, and financial stuff.
Each member is handpicked for your team, chosen for their expertise and genuine enthusiasm for your product.
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How does it work?

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We welcome your submission of a job description and a concise summary detailing your company, team, and product.
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Our process involves initiating the search, identifying the most promising candidates, and conducting thorough technical and HR pre-screenings.
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Once we identify candidates with a strong fit, we send you their CVs and help you schedule interviews with your preferred choices.
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Your role involves guiding candidates through your interview process, and you have the option to include additional tests if you find them necessary.
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If you opt to make an offer and the candidate agrees, we handle the remaining aspects of the hiring process. This guarantees that your new hire is ready to start the ball rolling from day one.

Why work with us?


We build bridges, not contracts

At Findigo, we’re committed to forging lasting partnerships. Your success is our success, and we are there for you every step of the way.

Built-in startup DNA

We embrace the startup culture and are eager to contribute to your vision. Our business-oriented professionals are committed to delivering outcomes that align with your goals.

Tap into the top-tier talent

Findigo sources outstanding, highly qualified professionals within your Tech Stack. Their niche expertise and sincere dedication to your product are a bright-shining combo.

Free & quick replacement

Sometimes, it’s just not a perfect fit. But don’t worry, we offer free and quick replacements to ensure your team remains harmonious and productive.

Beers & Puppies

We pride ourselves on making personal matches that matter. How do we achieve it? We use ‘Two Beers and a Puppy’ test, developed by Ross McCammon while working at Esquire. The test is — to find out how you feel about someone, ask yourself:
Would you have two beers with this person?

Would you allow this person to look after your puppy over a weekend?

That leaves us with 4 possible scenarios:

dog and beer
Scenario 1
These people are to be avoided at all costs.
dog and beer
Scenario 2
These people are to be cautiously trusted.
dog and beer
Scenario 3
These people are no fun but they make the world a better place.
dog and beer
Scenario 4
These are great people who make your life and work better.

We only aim at scenarios 3 and 4, the method is a bit heuristic, but it didn’t fail us so far.

After all Ross McCammon considers it his greatest contribution to the world.
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Available Professionals

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Still looking for that perfect candidate? Let’s talk rates and stuff!

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