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Code Security Audit - Rugged investigation of underlying digital security threats | Product Hunt
Stay one step ahead of cyber threats.
Our Code Security Audit service is an investigation that will leave no vulnerability unturned in no time.
is our


Stay one step ahead of cyber threats.
Our Code Security Audit service is an investigation that will leave no vulnerability unturned in no time.

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What is it?

Findigo’s Code Security Audit was designed to give you peace of mind. It’s a holistic review of your code done by our experts to detect vulnerabilities and offer a practical roadmap to upgrade your software’s security.

Ultimately it’s meant to save your time, money, and may we say, even your reputation.

Who is it for?

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who want to make sure that their app is a digital equivalent of Fort Knox
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dedicated to mitigating business risks and safeguarding customers’ trust
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ready to fund a new, unshakeable project that won’t backlash
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The numbers game


a year are lost by small and medium businesses on average due to cyber attacks


is the average price tag of just figuring out how & why a cyber attack happened


exposed files detected including intellectual property & financial information

1in 10

of all detected internet-facing assets had an associated unpatched vulnerability


of all detected threats are from 3rd-party services, suppliers, or malicious actors

Behind the scenes of CSA

Discover the methods Findigo experts use to detect code security risks and ensure uncompromising quality. This is a step-by-step guide to Findigo’s Code Security Audit (CSA) process.
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1. You really need to audit your code
  • You are in the development phase, and you want to check for potential risks;
  • Your code integrates with 3rd-party services, libraries, or APIs;
  • You haven’t had a code audit in more than 6 months. There is a risk of creating accumulated issues that will backfire later.
2. Faithfully you turn to Findigo to safeguard your code
  • We gather all the relevant information and ask a ton of questions;
  • Collect all relevant documentation, including design specifications, architectural diagrams, and threat models.
  • Obtain access to the source code repository and any additional tools or dependencies required for the audit.
3. We do the planning and scope definition
  • Our experts define the scope of the audit, and prioritize the next steps;
  • Identify the security requirements, standards, and guidelines the code should adhere to;
  • Establish a clear timeline and allocate necessary resources for the audit.
4. Straight after a static analysis is performed
  • We use static analysis tools to examine the source code without executing it;
  • Identify potential security vulnerabilities, such as injection attacks, insecure cryptographic practices, or improper input validation;
  • We examine the architecture for issues that can impact app security.
5. A dynamic analysis follows
  • Findigo team conducts dynamic analysis by executing the application with various test cases and inputs;
  • Identify security flaws that are only detectable during runtime, such as access control issues or session management vulnerabilities;
  • Perform penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to uncover potential weaknesses;
  • Our experts conduct a performance audit along with load testing;
  • We verify the 3rd-party party services, libraries, and APIs in use.
6. And of course, a meticulous manual review
  • Conduct a manual examination of the code by experienced tech wizards;
  • Review critical components and high-risk areas where automated tools may have limitations;
  • Look for security vulnerabilities that are difficult to detect through automated means, such as logical flaws or business logic vulnerabilities.
7. We analyze all vulnerabilities that were found
  • Analyze the findings from the static and dynamic analysis, as well as manual review;
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on their severity, potential impact, and exploitability;
  • Perform root cause analysis to understand the underlying causes of vulnerabilities.
8. Reporting and road-mapping done right
  • Prepare a comprehensive report with an overview of the audit process, methodologies used, and identified vulnerabilities;
  • Categorize vulnerabilities based on their severity levels and provide a risk assessment for each;
  • Provide detailed descriptions of each vulnerability, including its potential impact and a roadmap for remediation steps.

The tools we use:

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Static Analysis Tools:

Fortify Static Code Analyzer
An open-source platform that performs a static code analysis to detect bugs, security vulnerabilities, and code smells.
A commercial tool that scans source code for security vulnerabilities, including those related to code injections, insecure configurations, and authentication issues.
An enterprise-level tool that offers comprehensive static analysis to identify security vulnerabilities and coding errors.

Dynamic Analysis Tools:

OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy)
OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy)
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Burp Suite
An open-source tool for dynamic application security testing (DAST) that helps identify vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and insecure direct object references.
A command-line tool that scans web servers and performs vulnerability assessments, including outdated software versions, configuration issues, and known vulnerabilities.
A widely-used commercial tool that combines dynamic testing and manual exploration to discover security issues in web applications.
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Meet Your Team
Tech Lead

Masters the intricacies of architecture and code, wielding their expertise to conduct flawless performance audits and continuously stays on top of the game.

Business Analyst

Analyzes PRDs with a keen eye, identifies opportunities for enhancement, and delivers insightful recommendations to drive remarkable results.

QA Engineer

Crafts meticulous test cases and a rock-solid test plan, embarks on the quest for perfection, and uncovers hidden bugs with magical precision.

Our Tech Stack






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Choose your package

🚀 Fix & Fly
From: $5999
  • Codebase vulnerabilities
  • Security architecture issues
  • 3rd-party services verification
  • Remediation roadmap
Team composition: Tech Lead + QA

Let’s start

🙌 Safe & Sound
From: $9999
  • Everything from Fix & Fly package
  • PRD & Technical docs analysis
  • Code organization improvements
  • Performance audit + load testing
Team composition: Tech Lead + QA + BA

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