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What makes us … us?

Hey there! Welcome to our ‘About’ page. Here you can get to know Findigo a bit better. If you are not into that, just click the button below to get straight down to business.


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Would you read our story?

Now that you’ve met Oleg and Markiian, how about a story of how Findigo, from an idea, turned into a reality?



YES, but in Pink

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Findigo’s on a mission
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We are set to transform visionary founders’ concepts into products that users love.
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The values we live by
Move at the Speed of Trust
We know that success is built on strong relationships and trust. That's why we prioritize communication and collaboration to move our company forward together.
Disrupt the Status Quo
We don't settle for the ordinary – we hack it, break it, and build something better. We're always looking for new and inventive ways to challenge the norm and drive progress.
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No Bullshit Allowed
We believe in speaking our minds and calling it like it is. We're not afraid to have tough conversations or challenge assumptions, because we know that honesty and transparency are essential to succeed.
Freedom to Create, Responsibility to Deliver
We give our team the autonomy to be creative and take risks, but we also hold ourselves accountable for delivering results. We believe in giving people the freedom to explore while maintaining a focus on driving impact.

A plan without a vision is just drudgery

Findigo’s vision is to be the the entrepreneurs’ most trusted software development partner that empowers businesses to achieve success on their own terms.
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